8. We are excited to announce that we will be doing another Monstervision episode, in lieu of the upcoming holiday season. Lady Gaga watched our first episode, which was a tribute to Jamey Rodemeyer, and we are hoping to create another moving video to lighten up her day. Our upcoming video will include fans wishing Mother Monster a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    We would love for all of you to join in on this project, and to express your love for Gaga to make her holiday season special. If you would like to be in the video, email us a video of yourself (must be under 15 seconds long) wishing Lady Gaga a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We would prefer if you kept the video as short as possible, because many fans will be trying to take part in our project. Longer videos will be cut short if they are too long, or not very creative, as we need to get as many fans in the video as possible.

    Once the video is completed, the video will be sent to Lady Gaga to enjoy. We would like to welcome everyone who is interested to take part before the deadline, which is December 10th. We will NOT accept any videos after this deadline, because we need time, in order to make the video perfect! Below are some of the rules that MUST be followed if you want to take part in this project:

    • No nudity or sexually explicit photos/videos.
    • No discriminatory phrases or hateful messages.
    • No videos that are irrelevant to the theme of the video
    • NO BACKGROUND MUSIC IN YOUR VIDEO (we will play Gaga music in the video)
    • Wear Christmas and Gaga inspired outfits to make the video interesting
    NOTE: The time limit for every entry is 15 seconds, but if you create an amazing, ultra-creative video, we might give you a 30 second slot in the video. (Please do not ask us, as we will be the ones who find the most creative)

    If you have any questions, email us at monstervisionproject@gmail.comWe look forward to seeing your videos!

  10. Following her appearance at the opening of GaGa’s Workshop in Barney’s New York, Lady GaGa made a surprise appearance at the International Emmy’s, presenting Nigel Lythgoe with the “Honorary International Emmy Founders Award” for his work as executive producer on American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

    During her appearance, Lady GaGa commented on how Lythgoe was one of the first television producers to give her a chance to appear on national television (Lady GaGa’s first major televised US appearance was on So You Think You Can Dance back in 2008). She also mentioned how he has helped raise over $140 million for charity.

    Speaking about Lythgoe in her speech, GaGa commented: “He has always helped to nurture and foster my ideas, no matter how crazy or demographic-unfriendly they may have been. He always spoke poetically about the pursuit of widening the boundaries of love and acceptance in TV.”

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